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What is BassBurn Dance Fit?


BassBurn Dance Fit  is a new kind of dance fitness class. DJs spin together fun and clever grooves while you follow the trained and knowledgeable instructor in dance movements and choreographed routines that work a variety of muscle groups. This class will challenge and increase your strengths in coordination, muscle tone, and cardiovascular, and mind-body awareness, raise the good vibes that will spill over into your daily activities. And all in a BLISS of music.   some of the main genres are electronic bass, mashed pop, house music, Canadian pop, punk and electro funk. **Tutorial and workout routine videos available on Youtube channel:

More about BassBurn Dance Fit

  • Classes 45-60 minutes in length, done once/week or events
  • No fitness class or dance experience required to begin 
  • Interval training with a mix of high to low intensity songs  
  • Learn, practice, perfect moves put together into routines, 
  • Cardiovascular, endurance and flexibility training 
  • Breath and coordination mastery -Muscle toning  
  • Levels adapted dependant on participants, and individual objectives  

NEWEST BassBurn Dance Fit Instructor Training October 26 & 27 2019

INQUIRE and REGISTER at 403-923-3865
"My favorite part of being a Bassburn instructor is helping participants get fit while having a great time grooving to great music. Although I teach other fitness classes, Bassburn is definitely my favorite: it’s a terrific workout but doesn’t feel like “work.” Seeing the smiles on participants faces during and after class is so rewarding" 



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BassBurn DANCE FIT Calendar

Wednesdays Drop in: 9:40am - 10:30am @ Acadia Pool

Tuesday Drop in: 6:10pm - 7:00pm @ Haysboro Community Hall

Saturdays FAMILY BASSBURN Dance Fit: 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Sundays FAMILY BASSBURN Dance Fit: 11:30am - 12:30pm (Drop in)* Note that Fridays are now phasing out to be replaced by this class on Sundays.

About Us

BassBurn Dance Fit Instructor Training


October 27 & 28.  Includes Certification and License to teach BassBurn©  registered name, ongoing instructional and choreography materials, and personal mentorship throughout the year. 

Weekly classes to choose from


Throughout Calgary. Seeking studios to host in surrounding area too! See calendar below

Book an event, private class or retreat


Catered to any age 5years -85years old, group focus and theme. Great for Birthdays, Stag/ette and Team Building!


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